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CDC Restates Recommendation For Masks on Planes Despite Court Ruling That Struck Down Biden Mandate

The CDC on Tuesday restated its recommendation for masks on planes despite a court ruling that struck down Biden’s travel mask mandate.

U.S. health officials on Tuesday restated their recommendation that Americans wear masks on planes, trains and buses, despite a court ruling last month that struck down a national mask mandate on public transportation. Americans age 2 and older should wear a well-fitting masks while on public transportation, including in airports and train stations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended, citing the current spread of coronavirus and projections of future COVID-19 trends.

Last month the Transportation Security Administration announced it will no longer be enforcing Biden’s mask mandate after a federal judge declared it unlawful.

The Biden regime’s DOJ a couple weeks ago announced they will appeal a federal judge‘s mask mandate ruling for commercial air travel if the CDC decides to keep the masking mandates in place.

The Marxists at the CDC restated their travel mask recommendation on Tuesday in order to preserve their power.

“The CDC asked the Justice Department to appeal the decision, which the department did. On Tuesday, CDC officials declined to comment on the status of the appeal.’ – the AP reported.

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