CNN: ‘Americans Are Buying More Guns Than Ever Before’

( Breitbart )

CNN used a Tuesday column on the decline in gun control support to affirm “Americans are buying more guns than ever before.”

CNN pointed out that Democrat House members have passed gun control that the Senate is not even expected to consider, as “support for gun control just hit its lowest point in almost decade.”

They pointed to a Gallup survey showing only 52 percent of Americans support stricter gun control. That is the lowest level of gun control support since 2014.

CNN also acknowledged a new Quinnipiac Poll, which found 48 percent of registered voters oppose stricter gun control.

CNN observed: “Americans are buying more guns than ever before. In 2020, nearly 23 million guns were bought — a record. That surge has continued through 2021.”

On September 9, 2021, the National Shootings Sports Foundation looked at numbers from the first six months of 2021 and estimated there were 3.2 million first-time gun purchasers during that time-frame.

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