Colorado Law Punishes Gun Owners Who Are Slow to Report Stolen Firearms

( Breitbart )

A law that took effect in Colorado on Tuesday punishes gun owners who fail to report a lost or stolen gun within five days of realizing the firearm is missing.

9News reported that the Isabella Joy Thallas Act took effect Tuesday. It is named after Isabella Joy Thallas, who was fatally shot with a former police officer’s gun on June 10, 2020, while walking her dog in Denver’s Ballpark neighborhood.

The Act requires that gun owners face a fine of $25 for their first failure to report a lost or stolen gun and misdemeanor charges with a fine of up to $500 for the second failure to report.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) signed the Isabella Joy Thallas Act in mid-April, at which time the Colorado Sun noted that the gun control law did not receive a single Republican vote in the state legislature.

Polis also signed House Bill 1106 in mid-April, requiring gun owners to place trigger locks or cables on their guns to lock them when inside the home. HB 106 gives gun owners the option of placing their guns in a “secure container” inside the home as well.

As with the Isabella Joy Thallas Act, Republican lawmakers opposed the passage of HB 106.

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