Conservatives, Christians under attack because our views are in the way of ‘progress’

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What is progress? Those in western society are being shown that progress is related in some way to the evolution of policies, mindsets, and philosophical beliefs, but only if the evolution falls within the approved category denoted by so-called progressives.

Conservatives and Christians see progress as well, but what we consider to be progress is being labeled as “backwards thinking” to those who, for some reason, hold the keys.

It’s unfortunate that we, conservatives and Christians, allowed this to happen. We have been losing the narrative war because we allowed the progressive movement to embed their members in the education system and mainstream media. Add to this the progressive dominance in Hollywood, union organizations, and social sciences/services and it’s easy to see how the narrative became so easily controlled by the left. The professions that influence the narrative the most are plagued by those with the modern progressive mindset.

That’s not to say we never win narrative battles. The 2010-2016 elections proved three out of four times that we can win the battles at the ballot box, but only because we had a narrative boogeyman – Obamacare – that we were able to use to overcome the baseline narrative bias that favors progressives. But things have changed. We no longer have that boogeyman in our corner. The left has flipped the script on healthcare due in large part to the debacle in the way Obamacare repeal and replace was handled by the GOP in 2017.

But even when we were winning at the ballot box, we were still losing the overall war. While we were focused on Obamacare, progressives turned to social issues to engage in the long-term battles over race, sex/gender, marriage rights, abortion “rights,” gun control, and over the last two years, socialism itself. While we were gloating over being able to nominate right-leaning judges, progressives were busy shifting the mindsets of the people to the point that all cultural discussions today are framed within a new normal of intersectionality and false equality.

They made “all lives matter” into a racist phrase while making “Black Lives Matter” an acceptable mantra.
They pushed for “equal rights” for those in the LGBTQ community by giving them more rights than others.
They made it acceptable for women to be granted privileges while making it evil for men to be granted the same. Three presidential candidates have promised to have a woman as their running mate if nominated. Imagine the outcry if a candidate promised a man would be named as their running mate.
They said the victims of the Christchurch terrorist attacks were “Muslims” while saying the victims of the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks were “Easter worshipers.”
They call Christians who believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman “bigots” but they say nothing when Muslim nations seek out gays for legal punishment.

Hypocrisy is no longer shocking when it comes from progressives because it has become so rampant, it no longer even registers on a conscious level. They’ve normalized their hypocrisy, and those who have fallen for the normalization need only the faintest sense of justification in order for them to suspend disbelief in the hypocrisy itself. So many have become sheep, unable or unwilling to break away from what should clearly be considered ridiculous on both an intellectual and emotional level.

I’m delivering very bad news for conservatives and Christians. The news is this: we’re in the way of what the progressives call progress and they’re the ones with the power to make our views anathema to the growing number of sheep. The progressives aren’t just in our schools and news outlets.

They control search. Google let’s us see what they want us to see, which means they won’t let us see what they don’t want us to see.
They control social media. The bias has been known for ages, yet sites like Facebook and Twitter still pretend it doesn’t exist. We should ask James Woods what he thinks.
They control the news aggregators. It’s bad enough the progressives dominate most news outlets. It’s even worse when Google News, Yahoo News, and Apple News push people to the left-leaning takes on stories. They’re not even shy about it.

Does this mean we should give up? Throw in the towel? Accept our fate and build a bunker to start storing water and ammunition? The answer to the first two questions is no. That third question is up to you. Regardless of what you decide, one thing is certain. We must keep fighting. We have the truth on our side, and we have to hope that enough thoughtful Americans will wake up to the manipulation they’re exposed to daily. We have the truth. Always remember that. The truth is our best ally in this ongoing war.

This is the point when I mention helping NOQ Report is a way to help America.

If you are conservative, Christian, or both, your viewpoints are getting muscled out of the conversation by forces bent on our destruction. One can argue they’re bent on America’s destruction as well. We cannot let that happen.

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