( eye opening truth )

GOD is revealing TRUTH, don’t miss it. YOUR LIFE and YOUR CHILDREN’S LIVES DEPEND ON IT! I am so excited to see how GOD is speaking to so many of us, the same message, but different parts. I have to tell you there is so much information coming forward that NO ONE can keep up with it. I know that since GOD told me to leave my job, because of what was coming, I have done nothing all day and night, every day, 24/7 but work on this website and the owner’s website. Of course I do stop to eat now and then, sleep a little when my eyes or body give out. I have gone shopping a few times. I stop to clean the kitchen when we just run out of dishes. Other than that, I am on here. It is impossible for one person even to cover one part of what is happening completely. There is just too much.

I am pleased to find that others are posting on the OCCULT RITUALS connected with Masks. I have not even had time to look at the other aspects of this, like the lockdowns and the hand washing. Though I was aware they were also ritualistic. So here I am going to share the work of some brothers and sisters. I pray that you receive the truth with open hearts and minds. We are fighting for our lives not only in this world, but the world to come. WAKE UP! Take up your position and join the battle.


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