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opinion: Linda Kirby/WGON

We all know that during an election year, all gloves come off and lies, fear mongering, deception of very kind explodes. Well, I wonder if this "diesel crisis" is just to make the democrats look really bad for the sake of the election? I mean, if the democrats would politicize the attack on Paul Pelos or dog whistle harm to come to republicans, why wouldn't the GOP politicize an issue that would cause fear in the hearts of everyone? I hear so much and it causes me concern but this morning as I was watching videos on this topic of the "diesel crisis", this thought just popped into my head..."It's election time, fearmongering". So, I thought I'd let you all know that all this just might be a ploy to get people afraid so they won't vote democrat. Both sides of the isle are evil. Don't think for one minute that the GOP wouldn't stoop to something like this. So, all I'm saying is not to let the fear take a grip on you and your life. Just wait and see. I bet you won't hear a word about the "diesel crisis" after the election. Just as Biden is telling the world that this election could destroy democracy if people don't vote for the democrats, the GOP is hitting people where it's much more effective, fear of starvation. Let's wait and see. I have a feeling we won't feel a ripple. I've lived through 3 of these and never felt a thing. So, don't worry about this. If we have enough to fuel Europe and China, and a war, you can bet we have enough to fuel the US as well. There has to be a little slow down to make the public believe their lies, but it's spotty so it will be believed. Remember, they put in a tiny bit of truth in their propaganda stories so you will believe the lie. I believe any slow down is to make this hogwash seem true. But, I could be wrong.

There is another side to look at, however. That is their need to get us off fossil fuels to the Great Reset, Green New Deal. So, would they stop fuel flow to make their point? I don't know if they would or not. But, evil is so pronounced now, I wouldn't put it past them. I know that the fuel industry has made more profits than ever before. Like I said in the last article, fueling a war and Europe is profitable. So, why would the fuel industry allow their profits to be cut off in one fell swoop? The oil industry has been king for decades and has been the man behind the curtain for a very long time. I don't think they will allow this end of fossil fuel to happen. So, there's that to consider also.

This could all be a great PSYOPS so let's not allow it to worry us and let's just rest in the hands of Jesus, for He has our backs!

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