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CSIS suggests those who oppose gender ideology are a 'violent threat' in Canada

In its annual report for 2023 the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) says that Canadians opposed to gender ideology are a possible “violent threat.” 

The annual report states, "CSIS assesses that the violent threat posed by the anti-gender movement is almost certain to continue over the coming year and that violent actors may be inspired by the University of Waterloo attack to carry out their own extreme violence against the 2SLGBTQIA+ community or against other targets they view as representing the gender ideology agenda."

While saying that the “anti-gender movement” poses a “significant threat to Canada’s national security, the report then admitted, “While the movement may collectively hold extreme views, CSIS assesses that only a small portion of adherents are willing to engage in serious violence.” 

The spy agency could only cite the example of former University of Waterloo student Geovanny Villalba-Aleman, who stabbed two students and a professor in a Gender Studies class in June 2023 as evidence the supposed threat to Canadian security.  

The agency categorizes opposition to radical “gender-affirming care” such as sex changes for minors as potentially embracing what it calls “Religiously Motivated Violent Extremism” or RMVE. 

CSIS tabled its report to the House of Commons on May 7 and in addition to the usual security threat suspects, the spy agency suggests Canada is fertile ground for “exposure to entities espousing anti-gender extremist rhetoric” who “could inspire and encourage serious violence against the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, or against those who are viewed as supporters of pro-gender ideology policies and events.” 

CSIS put antisemitism alongside anti-LGBTQ sentiment and claimed, “Anti 2SLGBTQIA+ and antisemitic rhetoric is spreading widely through social media and online forums among domestic RMVE adherents, increasing the risk of extremist violence against these communities, and placing youth vulnerable to RMVE propaganda at a higher risk of becoming radicalized on online platforms. Charismatic RMVE leaders in Canada continue to use international events to amplify their propaganda to radicalize and recruit vulnerable individuals while encouraging both domestic acts of violence and international travel to conflict zones. Consequently, CSIS assesses that RMVE actors will continue to pose a domestic threat to Canada in 2024.” 

The report then suggests that RMVE actors can join forces with Individually Motivated Violent Extremists (IMVE). “The anti-gender movement falls within the gender/identity driven violence category of IMVE and is defined as the ideological opposition to the socio-cultural shifts that are represented by the integration and acceptance of gender theory, including acceptance of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.” 

CSIS then suggested that Canadians having issues with gender ideology are driven by “beliefs stemming from misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, religious interpretations, conspiracy theories, or a generalized fear of sociocultural change.” 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has frequently inserted himself and his government into the provincial education sphere and demanded that gender ideology be protected in the school system and that parental rights are superseded by gender fluidity in the classroom.

On Thursday, he again insisted that New Brunswick should change its policy of parents having the right to know if their children want to change their pronouns.  

As part of its “2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan," the Trudeau government has awarded $1.1 million on a “purge fund” that targets “hateful” parents opposing gender ideology and LGBTQ indoctrination. 

The contract was given to Cossette Communications on July 26, 2023 “to develop, manage a 2SLGBTQ+ Anti-Stigma awareness and marketing campaign aimed at targeted segments of people.” 

Trudeau’s latest federal budget released in April 2024 includes $150 million to promote 2SLGBTQI+ teaching in Canada and around the world.   

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