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Dallas police engage female shooter who opened fire by airport ticketing counter

( Fox )

A Dallas police officer engaged with and disabled a female shooter who allegedly opened fire near a ticket counter, sending shots into the ceiling as crowds evacuated Monday morning.

A 37-year-old woman was dropped off at the airport at about 10:59 a.m. near the ticket counters in front of Southwest Airlines, went into a restroom and then exited the restroom wearing some sort of hoodie or different type of clothing than what she had on when she walked in, Dallas police Chief Eddie Garcia told reporters in an initial update. She then produced a handgun and began firing.

"At this point we don’t know where exactly this individual was aiming," Garcia said, adding it appears she was aiming at the ceiling. An officer already in the area engaged with the woman, striking her in the lower extremities. The suspect was taken into custody and is currently in the hospital.

No other individuals were injured in the incident, other than the suspect shot by police. It is no longer an active situation, and no other passengers or people in the airport are victims, Garcia said.

A brief snippet of police audio said officers were responding to the active shooter situation, but the shooter "is down."

A traveler shared a photo on social media, tagging local news outlets, showing crowds being rushed out of the Dallas Love Field Airport due to a suspect shooter in the building.

"There is a report of shots being fired at the Dallas Love Field Airport," Dallas police spokesman Juan Fernandez initially confirmed to Fox News Digital. "Dallas police are investigating, and will update media when information becomes available."

Another video from social media showed travelers ducking down with their laptops and other electronics on the floor near a seating area indoors.

Aerial footage from a news helicopter over the airport showed a large police response.

TSA South West later said it was in the process of re-screening all travelers through airport security checkpoint.

"Understand that will take time, so be patient because number of passengers at checkpoint has just increased exponentially," the agency tweeted.

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