Democrat Party Loses Black Christian Men at Alarming Rate

( ncdailygazette )

It’s not known whether Democrats are just leaving the Church in droves–because they aren’t actually Christians–or if Democrats are actually converting to other political parties. But one thing is certain, the Democrat party is losing Black Christian men.

In 2018, roughly 62 percent of Black men who identified as “Christian” also identified as Democrats. But in 2019, that number dropped drastically to less than 46 percent from its peak in 2015 of 81 percent.

The change is much less drastic for women as the general decline over the last twelve years is roughly 10 percent.

While the Democrat Party has always been the party of secularism, embracing a secular worldview and replacing policies founded on biblical principles with principles of secularists such as Karl Marx, there is no doubt that the left has moved so far off the reservation that it would be sin to hold to the principles of the Democrat party.

From abortion to rampant LGBTQ indoctrination–to the complete and total destruction of religious freedom–Christians are acknowledging that the Democrat party is not something one can identify with and still be labeled a Christians. So, regardless of skin color, people who have identified as both Christian and Democrat are realizing that they can only identify as one or the other and remain logically consistent.

Thankfully, it appears as though many are waking up and seeing this.

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