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Democrats hold key toss-up suburban district in Minnesota

( Fox )

Incumbent Democratic Rep. Angie Craig will win re-election against retired U.S. Marine Corps officer and Republican candidate Tyler Kistner in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, The Associated Press projects.

Throughout the hotly-contested campaign for the toss-up Minneapolis suburban district, Craig argued Kistner was too extreme for a toss-up district and leaned into her positions supporting abortion and more-restrictive gun control measures.

She also criticized Kistner for his support of former President Trump. "You're pro-life, you're pro-Trump and you're pro-guns," Craig remarked during an October debate with Kistner.

"Now, you get up here and you pretend to be the boy next door, but you are too extreme for Minnesota's 2nd District," she said.

Kistner, on the other hand, focused on economic issues facing Minnesotans including inflation and high gasoline prices. He said he was against abortion, but supported exceptions for rape and incest and when the health of the mother was at risk.

"Congress needs to serve our children and future generations with schools that educate, not indoctrinate," Kistner said during the campaign. "And we also need to serve hard-working everyday Americans with an economy that grows while cost of living and gas prices don’t."

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