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DenverREADY gives free Bug Out Bags away as part of National Preparedness Month

by Linda Kirby/WGON

Why is Denver giving out bugout bags and on the 24th of Sept. of all times? German's parliament said on September 24th something will happen that will make you always know where you were on that day. Sounds quite ominous.

With Russia losing the war and their homeland is in danger, would they strike us with a nuke? After all, they said they would nuke anyone who is threatening the homeland. They even warned us the last few months we were a target. We are at war with Russia through the Ukraine military, our money, and our know how. So, Could this be it? If so, how do the Germans know the date? Or, could it be a false flag blamed on Russia so we can clean them out? We just don't know.

We know things are going to get bad and fast. Could this be what we are expecting? We don't know. In fact, we don't know anything because the globalists only give us propaganda so how can we know what is going on?

Let's pray that nothing happens on September 24th. That's our best weapon.

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