Donny Deutsch: Unvaccinated Will Be ‘Shamed’ — Customers Are Going to ‘Fight Back’

( Breitbart )

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch predicted Friday on “Deadline” that those that were unvaccinated would be “shamed” as customers start to fight back.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “At what point does the consumer start drive this? I wouldn’t fly an airline that didn’t require vaccines. I wouldn’t go to a restaurant that didn’t mandate vaccines for everyone that is eating there. When does the customers’ interest in protecting their family, as Dr. Wen keeps saying, especially if you have kids too young for the vaccine, when does that subsume all this sort of hand wringing?”

Deutsch said, “I learned from business that the customer is always right. The customer will dictate this and have started to dictate this. People without vaccines are going to be shamed. They are going to be shamed at work. It’s people’s own lives. They’ll want to protect their own lives. So I think companies are the first ones taking this step. I think just a little sidebar, it’s ironic Facebook is making sure people have the vaccine. Yet, they are the main perpetrators of all the misinformation on the vaccine, so there is a little irony on that one, but at least they are taking the right step.”

He added, “No, I think as we go forward, the world knows we can’t shut down again. We can, but it’s really something we want to avoid. They’re going to start blaming others for it because that’s the answer. I do think customers are going to start to kind of fight back and insist on certain things with places they frequent, whether it’s hotels or dining places. I do think the customers will have the power here. I think that’s very right on.”

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