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European Parliament Condemns American Supreme Court over Abortion

The European Parliament passed a resolution condemning the United States Supreme Court over abortion after a leaked opinion suggested that Roe v Wade could be overturned at the federal level.

In a preemptive strike before the American Supreme Court has even had a chance to rule on the legal future of abortion, globalists in the European Union’s so-called parliament passed a measure on Thursday by a margin of 364 to 154 (37 abstentions) to “remind” the United States that it is “vital” to uphold Roe v Wade.

“MEPs [Members of the European Parliament] condemn the backsliding in women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide including in the U.S. and some EU countries, calling for safe access to abortion,” the lawmakers said.

Croatian socialist MEP Predrag Matić added: “The draft opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States is a shock and a nightmare.”

The resolution also targeted individual U.S. states for introducing limits on abortion access, such as Texas, which under its heartbeat bill has banned abortion after six weeks, when unborn babies begin to develop their own distinct heartbeat.

MEPs went on to malign the idea of individual U.S. states being allowed to determine their own abortion policies, which would be the case should the federal Roe diktat be removed, claiming that it would disproportionately impact women in poverty who may find it difficult to travel to another state to abort their baby.

Apparently not understanding how American republicanism operates as a governmental system, the EU parliament went on to call on President Joe Biden to “ensure access to safe and legal abortion,” despite the President having no legal authority to do so.

The globalist body also curiously claimed that Roe v Wade “protects the right to abortion in the U.S. Constitution,” even though there is no mention whatsoever of abortion in America’s founding documents.

Noting the apparent ignorance of the EU lawmakers, German right-wing MEP Christine Anderson, who opposed the measure, commented: “The USA is no longer a colony ruled from Europe. Didn’t you know that?”

The unprecedented leak of the draft opinion on Roe in May has led to widespread threats of violence and extremism from the left in the United States, with a California man being arrested with a weapon outside of the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, where activists have appeared in an apparent attempt to influence the potential ruling.

While protesting outside of justices’ homes is illegal in the United States, the Biden administration has so far failed to condemn these acts of leftist extremism, with former press secretary Jenn Psaki even seemingly encouraging abortion activists to protest outside the homes of judges.

Though the vast majority of European Union member-states have legalised abortion, there are some outliers, including Malta — home to the pro-life President of the EU Parliament. Roberta Metsola — and Poland, which has severely limited the ability to abort babies.

The resolution passed by the EU Parliament on Thursday also demanded that such states conform to the whims of the Brussels establishment and rescind their abortion laws.

Some have demanded that the Union go even further, such as French president Emmanuel Macron, who has called for the bloc to add a right to abortion to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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