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FACT CHECK: Biden Falsely Claims 9mm Bullet Will Blow ‘Lung Out of the Body’

( Breitbart )

CLAIM: On Memorial Day 2022 President Biden claimed a 9mm bullet will “blow the lung out of the body.”


The 9mm round is widely popular for concealed carry because it has effective stopping/penetrating power without significant recoil. The round’s stopping power is also attractive for law enforcement, but that power does not translate into blowing organs out of the body.

Breitbart News spoke to a Navy SEAL (ret.), who is a ballistics expert, and his response to Biden’s statement was, “No way.”

We spoke to a federal agent with 15 years experience in the field, and his response was “bullsh*t.”

We spoke to another individual who has been a federal agent for nearly 20 years and was a local police officer for years before that, and he responded to Biden’s statement by saying, “Not possible.”

We also spoke to a member of a U.S. Marshal fugitive recovery taskforce who has been on the job for 21 years. When we told him what Biden said he laughed out loud and said, “That’s not even in the realm of possibility.”

We asked, “Do you use a 9mm round?”

He said, “Yes, and it is a hollowpoint, but that simply creates a better wound channel, it does not blow lungs or other organs out.”

We told the fugitive recovery taskforce member that Biden also categorized 9mm under “high caliber weapons,” and he laughed again and said, “9mm is the smallest round we use.”

Breitbart News has pointed out that Biden has falsely claimed, numerous times, that the Second Amendment barred early Americans from buying cannons.

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