Florida Senate President: ‘No Question’ We’ll Consider Texas-Style Abortion Law

( Breitbart )

Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson (R) said “there is no question” the state’s legislature will consider abortion heartbeat legislation similar to the bill recently enacted in Texas, WFLA reports.

“When the Supreme Court goes out and makes a decision like this, it clearly is going to send a signal to all the states that are interested in banning abortions or making it more restrictive to have an abortion in their state, it’s certainly going to make us take a look at those issues,” Simpson told the local news outlet on Thursday.

Later in the day, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) suggested that he may support a law banning abortion after the detection of a fetal heartbeat, telling reporters that the move is “interesting” and that he will “look more significantly at it.”

“What they did in Texas was interesting and I haven’t really been able to look enough into it,” DeSantis stated. “I am going to look more significantly at it.”

On Wednesday evening, the Supreme Court declined to block the Texas law, which bans abortions following six weeks into pregnancy.

The high court voted 5-4 against abortion providers in the state who had filed an emergency application for relief against the law that went into effect Wednesday. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the three liberal judges in dissent.

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