Florida sheriff promises to kill mass shooters without hesitancy

( Post Millennial )

On Friday, a Florida Sheriff doubled down on how seriously his department takes public safety, following the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno stated, "We’re not waiting one second. We are going to kill you because you can’t kill evil enough," with the soundtrack to Journey - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) in the background.

The comments were made after Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott called the school shooter evil.

The day after the massacre in Uvalde, Texas, the sheriff held a press conference to reiterate his commitment to upholding public safety for teachers and students in his jurisdiction.

Marceno made a similar comment by promising, "You don’t get to shoot our children. You bring deadly force in this county, we are going to kill you."

He followed through on a strict zero-tolerance policy against threats by announcing the arrest of a fifth grader on Saturday. Ten-year-old Daniel Isaac Marquez of Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral allegedly sent a threatening text message and "developed probable cause for his arrest," according to the Lee County Sheriff’s office.

According to multiple outlets, Marquez threatened to carry out a mass shooting.

"Right now is not the time to act like a little delinquent. It’s not funny. This child made a fake threat, and now he’s experiencing real consequences," said Sheriff Marceno.

The slow reaction time in handling the mass shooter at Robb Elementary School has been the subject of controversy since last Tuesday’s tragedy. First responders said one victim bled to death and might have survived if police were faster to confront the killer.

The US Department of Justice announced on Sunday that they would be investigating the response of local law enforcement and launching a formal inquiry into what occurred.

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