French National Assembly Approves Twice-Blocked Vax Pass Law Despite Controversy

( Breitbart )

The French National Assembly has voted to adopt a law that would implement a new regime of vaccination passes, despite having previously blocked the bill twice.

Despite debate on the issue having previously been postponed twice, the French National Assembly has approved a bill that will lead to the implementation of a vaccination pass regime in the European country.

The bill’s passing occurred early Thursday morning, at around 5.30 am CET (0030 EST).

The vote to confirm came hot on the heels of a controversy surrounding French President Emmanuel Macron, who said that he wished to use the nation’s COVID restrictions to “piss off” the nation’s unvaccinated population.

Ultimately, the bill received 214 votes in favour, with 93 voting against the new law, according to Le Monde report.

There were 27 abstentions.

Under the proposed law, all over the age of 12 would be required to prove their vaccination status in order to access bars, restaurants, cultural venues, and interregional public transport, according to a report by France 24.

Proof of a negative test for the Chinese Coronavirus would no longer be sufficient to access these services.

The bill will now be considered by France’s Senate, though the planned launch of the measures on January 15th will likely be delayed due to the bill’s bumpy ride through the National Assembly.

The French government’s plans to turn the nation’s system of so-called “health passes” into a regime of vaccination passes has not gone smoothly.

After debate on the new laws was initially blocked on Monday, discussion of the bill was then blocked again shortly after an interview with President Emmanuel Macron emerged which sparked fury amongst representatives.

In the interview, the head of state revealed that wanted to “piss [the unvaccinated] off” with national restrictions.

“Me, I’m not for pissing off the French,” Macron said. “But as for the unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off.”

“We put pressure on the unvaccinated by limiting for them, as much as possible, access to social life activities,” he continued. “When [the individual] freedom threatens the freedom of others, [the individual is] irresponsible. An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen”

The President’s incendiary remarks went down poorly within the French parliament, with representatives demanding the nation’s Prime Minister, Jean Castex, appear in front of the National Assembly to give an explanation of the head of state’s remarks.

Debate on the issue was ultimately suspended around 2am CET Wednesday morning, with meeting chair Marc Le Fur confirming that “the conditions for peaceful work” had not been met.

Regarding the bill, one representative from Les Républicains, Christian Jacob, said that he “refused to endorse a text which aims to piss off the French”.

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