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Government Planning Crackdown on Climate Crazy Protesters After Activists Caused Fuel Shortages

( Breitbart )

The UK government are pushing for new laws which will allow them to crack down on disruptive protests shortly after climate crazy activists caused fuel shortages in England.

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party government appear to have militant climate crazies in their sights despite the state’s own overwhelming pro-green bias, as they push for new laws which would allow them to crack down on extremely disruptive protests.

The new bill, which would see many methods employed by hardline climate protesters outlawed, will also contain a number of measures which had been stripped from a previous policing bill by members of the House of Commons, likely to the chagrin of its architect, Home Secretary Priti Patel.

According to a report by broadcaster Sky News, the new bill is in direct response to climate protesters from groups such as “Extinction Rebellion” and “Just Stop Oil” which caused massive fuel shortages at English gas pumps by fastening themselves to essential infrastructure including oil refineries and tanker trucks with glue and other methods.

“The law-abiding, responsible majority have had enough of anti-social, disruptive protests carried out by a self-indulgent minority who seem to revel in causing mayhem and misery for the rest of us,” the outlet reports Patel as saying regarding the various new offences, which are set to carry up to a year in prison and fines with no upper cap.

“The Public Order Bill will give the police the powers they need to clamp down on this outrageous behaviour and ensure the British public can go about their lives without disruption,” she went on to say.

While many are unhappy that the UK government are once again pushing for a crackdown on climate protesters — with one ex-Green Party leader describing the new bill as a “public oppression bill” — it appears unclear how the government are expecting to make it so that this piece of legislation avoid the fate of those they tried to get enacted before.

For example, the last time Patel tried to get legislation enacted that would give police more powers to crack down on protests, there was a massive cross-party campaign to prevent her vision from becoming law, with the House of Lords gutting the bill of many of its most controversial measures.

With that said, the government’s decision to try again in the aftermath of the highly disruptive “Just Stop Oil” blockades, which reached a point where they got so bad that even Britain’s leftist Labour party were forced to denounce them.

“The government must stop standing idly by and immediately impose injunctions to put an end to this disruption,” party leader Keir Starmer demanded at the time of the protests.

“On the Conservatives’ watch, drivers are being hammered by rising petrol prices and now millions of motorists can’t access fuel,” he continued in his call for a crackdown.

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