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Howard Stern: Anti-Mask, Anti-Vaccine ‘Wacko’ Republicans Are Winning

( Breitbart )

[WARNING: Adult Language]

Host Howard Stern said on Wednesday’s episode of Sirius XM’s “The Howard Stern Show” that because “only 65% of Americans are fully vaccinated” and mask mandates are being lifted, the anti-mask, anti-vaccine Republican “wackos are winning.”

Howard Stern said, “You got all these wackos with their anti-mask, anti-vaccine. The reason they’ve lifted these mask mandates is because we gave into this small minority of people who are completely out of their fucking mind, who think masks are some sort of prison sentence and their freedom is being taken away.”

Co-host Robin Quivers said, “Right, the government is tired of fighting with people who want to get sick and die.”

Stern said, “Yeah, that is — is it’s just like oh shit.”

He continued, “When they focus on those battles, then that becomes big news and politicians get scared. The whole thing is just so fucked up.”

Stern added, “So many wackos. I miss the old Republican party. Used to be nice to have a two-party system. Now it’s wackos versus, you know, Democrats — the wacko party. And still to this day, I hate to say it, only 65% of Americans are fully vaccinated, and I can’t help but think — the wackos are winning.”

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