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opinion by Linda Kirby/WGON

Well, we made it through another year. As bad as it was, many did not make it through the year. Many didn't trust in the Lord and let fear over take them into taking a product into their bodies that ended up killing them. But, we enter into a new year where many new things will be coming at us. Just remember, God is the same today as he was in 2022. If he got you through 2022, He will get you through 2023 if you keep the faith.

I had a dream last night. I was in a fire, a very engulfing fire and there were people with me. I kept praying and was lead thru the fire by the Lord telling me to come out. I made it through the fire unharmed even though I had to walk right through the flames. The people with me didn’t follow me and perished. I don’t know what this means and I don’t know if it was a prophetic dream. I would guess it was telling me that I will be going through some very terrible times and I’m to follow Jesus’ commands even though it might look impossible to get through. I will get through unharmed but only if I follow Him. I sure hope this wasn’t a prophetic dream!!!!

As I relay this dream to you now, I wonder if it is telling you and I that there might be some very bad things coming at us in 2023, but if we listen to Jesus, and follow his command, He will get us through without even so much as the smell of smoke on us. Just like in 2021, 2022, since we didn't take the product that was being forced on the world population, we got through the fire without so much as the stench of smoke. Over 200 million people world wide, didn't make it because the so called cure was worse than the virus. They let fear and threats lead them instead of Jesus leading them. I believe that the representation of "me" is the church and the representation of "the people with me in the fire" are the carnal Christians and the world. I believe the fire is what ever the evil ones are going to throw at us this year. That's how I see this dream.

The World Economic Forum met and has this one of many agendas that concerns me. Theme #4: Preparing for the next pandemic requires ending health disparities. Dr. Robert Malone wrote in his substack: "When I started to read and unpack what Theme #4 was saying and found that it stated right up front “…where just 13% of people are vaccinated (compared to 75% of people in high-income countries)”, I knew they must be mainly talking about Africa. I’ve seen that statistic before, so I guessed Africa right off the bat before reading any further, and I was right. I questioned the 13% metric and wanted to double check it, so based upon a total population in Africa of 1.4 billion, based on this search; 373.1 million Africans have been fully-vaccinated as of December 21, 2022, making the percentage closer to 37%, still a relatively low percentage compared to many developed countries. “Investing in health systems and regional bodies like Africa CDC and African Medicines Agency must be a key priority,” said Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda. “We have to act in the full expectation that there will be another pandemic.”

So, the WEF is telling us they plan to do another pandemic and starting it in Africa. Is this the fire that my dream mentions? Or is it something else?

I've read on the news reports that big Pharma is going to start putting MRNa technology in all medications. There was no breakdown as to when, or if only new medications being developed or if they will remanufacture all existing medications to include the MRNa technology. They simply said since the MRNa technology is such a good delivery system, they are now going to include it in all medications. I found it interesting that they didnt' say what this MRNa was delivering. So, we will have to trust in the Lord for our healing or pray over any "new" medications we are prescribed. I'm trusting that since big pharma is all about profits, they will not remanufacture existing medications for a long time to come. I know they are developing a "flu shot" that will supposedly cover the regular flu and covid and it will have the MRNa technology in it. Perhaps that is what the news report was referring to and not ALL medications, even though they did use the term "all medications". Just pray over your medications like you do your food. The Lord will protect you.

Let 2023 bring you closer to God. Let it make you appreciate Him more. Let 2023 bring you the peace of Jesus not the fear of the evil ones. Let joy and peace and love surround you in this new year. Follow Him when He tells you to do something or not do something, just like last year and the year before, it will save your life. Like I have said always commune with the Lord but even more than usual these days. There is where you will find peace beyond all understanding, where joy and love will be found. That's where you will find a happy new year.

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Dottie Wallace-Henley
Dottie Wallace-Henley
Dec 31, 2022

Beautiful, and so well spoken!!! Thanks for the warnings. And the encouragement!!! God Bless us all in this coming 2023....💜💜💜

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