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Listen to the 911 calls SWATTING MTG

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was swatted for two consecutive nights at her Georgia home, and 911 calls obtained by The Post Millennial reveal that in both instances, Wednesday and Thursday, callers were inspired by Greene's plans to criminalize the medicalized gender transition of children.

The first call, which came in just after 1 am on Wednesday, came from a woman who said she was from the Veterans and Military Service Criss Line.

"The caller stated that — she reported that their boyfriend had come to their home and that they shot him five times, and he’s currently in the bathtub," the caller said.

The caller noted that the person on the other end of the line had "refused to provide a name, but insisted on providing the address, ensuring that the responder had it correctly."

"Caller stated that they were going to load the gun and take their own life and then stopped responding," the woman said, adding that the line was still open between the initial caller and a mental health responder.

"We don’t know if it’s real or not," the hotline caller told the 911 call center employee.

"I know, we just have to make sure, that way we get it to the right place."

The woman from the hotline also stated that the initial caller had 2 semiautomatic guns as well as a handgun. She also stated that the initial caller was using a text-to-talk program.

The woman had expressed that she didn't want this to be a swat call, to which the 911 call center employee said that the residence police officers were reporting to was in fact a Congresswoman's house.

Logs from the 911 call revealed that police made contact with Greene at 1:19:44, and was advised that everything was okay.

The second call for police intervention at the congresswoman's home came shortly before 3 am on Thursday morning, and was initiated after a person contacted a suicide prevention hotline online.

The dispatcher from the chat site began by expressing concerns that "this many be a swatting situation."

"They basically came out to their family about being transgender, and ended up shooting his family at the home," the woman said, who verified that the address of the incident is in Rome, Georgia, where Greene’s residence lies.

"And you said somebody possibly shot somebody?" The 911 call center employee said.

"That’s what the chat is telling me. I work for Suicide Lifeline. Said he shot his family members and he’s going to shoot himself as well. It may possibly be a swatter, we’re not 100 percent sure, but he’s saying that he wants help for his family," the woman said.

The woman said that the person reporting the incident gave the name "Wayne Greene."

In logs from Floyd County 911, it states that the chat with the suicide hotline disconnected at 2:57:51 am, with the log adding at 3:05:26 that the online chat could not be traced.

At 3:07:04 am, the log states that the initial reporter of the incident had used a VPN, and the ip address and location could not be traced.

A secondary call regarding the incident was made at 3:08:32 am from another Suicide Lifeline worker, who said that the person had shot his family after they became angry that he was transgender.

Shortly before disconnecting from the hotline chat for a second time, the person wrote, ""If anyone tries to stop me from killing myself, I’m going to shoot them too," adding that "they would be waiting for them."

At 3:18:08 am, officers were able to make contact with Greene, and advised her of the situation.

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