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Los Angeles Deploys AI on Buses to Ticket Parking Offenders

Los Angeles has advanced its constant quest to suck every last dollar out of its residents by finding an innovative new application of Artificial intelligence — attaching AI cameras to buses to write tickets for cars parked in bus lanes.

KTLA 5 reports that the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) is partnering with technology company Hayden AI to implement AI cameras on buses. The project involves an initial rollout of 100 camera systems, strategically installed on buses to monitor bus lanes in real time.

These AI cameras are designed to automatically issue citations to vehicles parked in bus lanes, addressing a common issue that impedes the efficiency of public transit. A demonstration of the technology was conducted earlier this year in Santa Monica, showcasing the system’s capability. It consists of several cameras mounted on the bus’s windshield and an onboard computer that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze the video footage in real-time.

The primary goal of this system is to enhance the speed, safety, and efficiency of public transit by ensuring that bus lanes remain clear of obstructions. Besides improving transit services, this system is expected to generate additional revenue for the city through the issuance of parking citations. The system is scheduled to be operational by Spring 2024.

However, it’s important to note that under current California law (AB 917 passed in 2021), these cameras can only create evidence packages for local parking authorities to review. They will issue citations for bus lane and bus stop parking violations. For the system to expand its capabilities to other types of traffic violations, a change in the law would be required.

Read more at KLTA 5 here.

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