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Man at San Francisco airport attacks 3 with 'edged weapon' arrested: police

( Fox )

Police have arrested a suspect accused of assaulting three individuals at San Francisco International Airport with an "edged weapon."

According to the San Francisco police, the suspect is an adult male who entered the terminal around 6 p.m. local time on Friday, around the time when the Golden State Warriors were arriving at the airport following their NBA Finals victory over the Boston Celtics.

Fox 2 KTVU reports that a large knife was recovered at the scene.

The incident was documented by local affiliate Fox 2 KTVU after a reporter in the airport covering the Warriors' return to the city was alerted to the violence.

The man allegedly pulled out the weapon and proceeded to attack three individuals, who suffered cuts and scrapes, according to KTVU. All victims were male, and all are in stable condition with only minor wounds and cuts.

The attack allegedly took place in the pre-security public area of the international terminal.

The San Francisco Police Department has not released an official report of the incident.

This is only the latest incident in a series of high-profile stabbings across the country, many with multiple victims.

Two nurses and a doctor were injured Friday during a stabbing at a Los Angeles hospital and a suspect is in custody after barricading himself in a room for several hours, authorities told said Friday evening.

the Los Angeles Police Department respond to the Encino Hospital Medical Center around 3:50 p.m. to a reported stabbing of two medical staff employees, the LAPD said.

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