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Man charged with robbing Starbucks after wife denied $1.25 refund, police say

( Fox )

Oklahoma City police arrested a man they say robbed a local Starbucks because the store would not refund his wife $1.25 for a drink order.

Richard Engle, 61, of Harrah is charged with robbery and assault.

Officers said they were called the coffee shop chain Sunday evening.

A barista told an officer that Engle had arrived at the store with his wife and demanded a $1.25 refund for a drink order. The wife had purchased the drink the day before.

The barista said the shop couldn’t issue a refund and advised the wife to call the corporate office.

Police said when the barista wasn’t looking, Engle stole money from the tip jar. Another customer alerted employees.

According to a police report, the barista followed Engle to his car to get a picture of the rear license plate. Engle allegedly backed into the barista once and then again "one or two more times."

However, the employee was able to snap a picture of the license plate, helping authorities track him down.

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