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Man slits own throat on Facebook Live after confrontation with pedophile hunters

( Post Millennial )

A man slit his own throat in real time on Facebook Live as he was cornered by pedophile hunters who had confronted the man for allegedly grooming and preying on children in Liverpool, England on Thursday.

According to the New York Post, the alleged 55-year-old child sexual predator ran away from the pedo hunters and darted to his car where he retrieved a knife and started slicing into his neck.

The footage was successfully live streamed to Facebook but later banned by the site. The suicidal man survived his injuries and was arrested on the suspicion of grooming a child under 14. He was also arrested for possession of a "bladed article."

The Mirror UK reports that the incident caused a large police presence to respond to St Chad's Drive short stay car park which is directly across the street from Kirkby Police Station.

A passerby and DJ at a lock pub was arriving for work around 5pm and said police were everywhere and it caused people in the area to gather and watch.

One of those standing and watching said, "I think it’s bringing Kirkby to its knees. It worries me all the police and knives what’s happening."

Authorities put up curtains to block the view of gawkers. The potential pedophiles car was towed away.

Merseyside Police later provided a statement and said, "The man was taken to hospital with serious injuries to his throat following the incident where he remains in a stable condition."

Authorities are investigating and reviewing CCTV footage to gather more intel on the incident.

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