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'Misinformation’ czar would promote abortion access under Democrats' new bill

( Fox )

House Democrats are pushing to create a new senior official at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) who would monitor and respond to public "misinformation" about abortion access and other reproductive and sexual health services.

Legislation from Rep. Nikema Williams, D-Ga., and four other Democrats would establish a new "reproductive and sexual health" official within HHS, and policing "misinformation" on abortion would be part of the job.

The official would "collect information regarding, and to address, reproductive and sexual health misinformation being disseminated to the public," according to the bill text.

"The term ‘reproductive and sexual health misinformation’ includes any information relating to reproductive and sexual health that is not evidence based or medically accurate, including inaccuracy in the provision of any related services," the language continues.

Democrats have been dabbling with the idea of using the federal government to fight "misinformation" and "disinformation" for the last few years. This year, the Department of Homeland Security announced the creation of a "Disinformation Governance Board" to fight inaccurate information about the 2022 midterm elections.

However, that board was quickly questioned by Republicans and Democrats, particularly after DHS appointed Nina Jankowicz to lead it. Jankowicz had questioned the legitimacy of reports regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election and was seen by Republicans as a partisan who would use her position at DHS to advance the Democrats’ agenda.

DHS ultimately scrapped the Disinformation Governance Board under pressure from both the left and the right.

The proposed reproductive and sexual health HHS official would do more than fight "misinformation" about abortion and would also act as an advocate for abortion access from a top position inside one of the federal government’s largest agencies.

Among other things, the official would "educate the public" about abortion and other reproductive health care services, in part by making "medically accurate educational materials available." The official would also assess data about access to abortion, help connect people to funding for abortion and provide information related to "medication abortions conducted outside formal medical settings."

Since the Supreme Court stuck down Roe v. Wade and gave states the right to regulate abortion in June, Democrats have been looking for ways to help steer people to abortion services in states with fewer restrictions on the procedure. Just last week, more than a dozen House Democrats proposed giving HHS $100 million over five years to create a public awareness campaign promoting abortion.

That House bill is aimed at helping health care providers the information they need to "navigate the legal landscape" created by differing state rules on abortion. It would also provide information to people about the "negative health impacts on communities when access to abortion and other reproductive health care services is restricted or banned."

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