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Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves Signs Bill Banning Gender Reassignment Surgery For Minors

( Daily Caller )

Republican Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves joined several other states Tuesday by signing a bill to ban gender reassignment procedures for minors, he announced in a press conference.

The Regulate Experimental Adolescent Procedures Act (REAP) prohibits both the use of drugs and surgery for gender reassignment, and prevents state funds and Medicaid from covering such procedures on minors, according to a Tuesday press conference. Mississippi joins other states like Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, South Dakota, Tennessee and Utah in banning such acts.

“At the end of the day, there are two positions here. One tells children that they’re beautiful the way they are. That they can find happiness in their own bodies. The other tells them that they should take drugs and cut themselves up with expensive surgeries in order to find freedom from depression. I know which side I’m on. No child in Mississippi will have these drugs or surgeries pushed upon them,” Reeves said in a press release.

House Bill 1125 also requires the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure to enforce the law.

“Not in Mississippi,” said Reeves. The governor criticized “radical activists” for telling children “they’re just a surgery away from happiness” and for using them as “guinea pigs.”

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, conservative talk show host and childrens’ advocate, joined the governor in the signing, pledging his support.

“I want to thank the governor and the lawmakers here in Mississippi who have done the right and necessary thing by banning the horrific medical abuse of children. I’m extremely encouraged to not only see this law being passed, but to see the national movement that we have been able to build, pushing back against the gender ideology madness that has a stranglehold on our society and on our children for far too long,” said Walsh.

Walsh said the law is common sense and will prevent “child abuse.”

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