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MN teacher gives students survey about pronouns, asks whether to conceal gender changes from parents

( Fox )

An anti-capitalist science teacher from Minneapolis revealed that she used a survey that allows students to conceal a gender identity change in her classroom, Fox News Digital found. 

The teacher at Highland Park Middle School, Mandi Jung, shares curriculum materials on her website, including a survey of students which is provided at the beginning of the school year. 

"These are all resources that I use or have used at the beginning of the school year. Please enjoy," the middle school teacher said.

The questions asked students about their preferred pronouns and names, and whether those can be used when speaking directly with a student's parents. 

Some of the questions included:

  • "What name should I use when speaking to your parents?"

  • "What pronouns should we use when we talk about you? (CHOOSE AS MANY AS YOU WANT)"

  • "Is it okay to use the pronouns you selected above when we talk to your parents?"

  • "Is it okay to use the pronouns you selected above when we talk to other students or the class?

Fox News Digital reached out to the district for comment, and a spokesperson referred to existing policy which said, "Respect all students’ gender identity and gender expression by honoring the right of students to be identified and addressed by their preferred name and pronoun."

"That we live in a country where schools are actively pushing kids to change their gender and hide it from their parents is something I never thought I would face as a parent," Kimberly S. Hermann from the Southeastern Legal Foundation told Fox News. 

She added that surveys administered without parental consent may violate federal law. 

"Surveys like this one not only violate the law, but they are aimed at separating children from their parents. Parents must know that when schools ask children about their emotional health, sexual identity, and family relationships without parental consent they violate federal law."

Hiding gender transitions from parents has become an increasingly potent topic for schools across the country.

Fox News Digital previously reported Randi Weingarten's American Federation of Teachers union promotes its own method – "pronoun card" – to help teachers conceal students' gender changes. 

Additionally, the defunct Biden Foundation partnered with an organization called Gender Spectrum, which supported teachers hiding a students' transgender status from parents. 

Some districts have attempted to put into policy keeping parents in the dark on gender transitions. 

For example, Mentor Public Schools sent an email in August to teachers in grades 6-12 saying they don’t have to notify parents of a name or pronoun change if the student only requests it informally and does not ask for it to be changed in Google or the Infinite Campus parent portal.

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