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Moderna CEO: COVID-19 is like the seasonal flu

( OAN )

Moderna CEO, Stephane Bancel, has announced that the majority of people do not need COVID-19 boosters because the virus is now comparable to the seasonal flu.

In a recent interview at Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit, Bancel claimed that healthy people are not at risk for severe COVID-19 illness, even if they are unvaccinated.

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel compares COVID-19 to the seasonal flu and believes young, healthy people should decide for themselves if they want an annual booster. Bancel maintains, that older people 50+, and those in vulnerable categories should definitely consider a booster shot. — Rukshan Fernando (@therealrukshan) October 18, 2022

Bancel added that people might want to take the vaccine, but it should be their choice. In addition, he said that it is “reasonable” to assume that we may be approaching the final stages of the pandemic.

His statement comes as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is pushing COVID-19 boosters for children as young as five years old, which according to Bancel, is unnecessary.

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