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By: Linda Kirby/WGON

Biden said that our troops would not fight in Ukraine but he has placed them in the areas around Ukraine for the protection of the NATO nations and they will fight to protect them. Now, the EU is taking in Ukraine. Now, what...if Ukraine becomes part of the EU, then that means, the war will be in Europe. The EU will have to fight for Ukraine which means the American troops might do so as well. Some of the so called experts in DC said we are in WWIII right now, it's just that nobody has said those words.

In 2021, which was President Joe Biden’s first year in office, the United States imported a record volume of crude oil and petroleum products from Russia, according to the preliminary numbers for 2021 published Monday by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. There's a glaring carve-out in President Joe Biden’s sanctions against Russia, and that's oil and natural gas, which will continue to flow freely to the rest of the world, reports ABC news. ABC goes on to report, “U.S. crude oil prices closed Friday just below $92 a barrel, right where they were in the days before Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Still, gasoline prices at the pump are up more than 33% from a year ago to a national average of $3.57 a gallon, according to AAA.” So, if Biden is trying to protect the people from higher gas prices and that is the reason for not sanctioning Russian oil, then what is that about? With inflation at a 40 yr. peak, this doesn’t help the American people.

I have been asking myself, if OBiden is sanctioning Russia so heavily, why wasn't Russian gas and oil sanctioned? He says it’s to keep the American people from having to pay more at the pump. We are buying oil from them everyday and sending them money for it everyday. When correcting a Facebook post, Politifacts said, “The amount of oil being imported today from Russia has reached a record level of more than 800,000 barrels a day.” Thank you Politifacts for that information. This is fueling the war (pun intended). The first thing O'Biden did was shut down our pipelines. Seems they had this planned for a long time or why else shut them down instantly upon his "taking" office? We were energy efficient just a year ago. Now, we continue to buy oil from Russia? So, it seems this war is wanted.

O'Biden tells China NATO is letting Ukraine in, he gives China intel and China gives all that to Putin. OBiden knew that would happen because he wanted Putin to make his move, it would seem to this writer. This war is wanted by all apparently. Why? Could it be because they are trying to unite the world now that they have divided it so badly? Could it be that they want the boat loads of money they get from war since all countries have been terribly harmed economically by the stupidity of the managing of the virus? Only they know why they are doing this to the world just like only they knew why they were killing millions with their stupidity with the virus. Every war has been started for reasons other than what is "advertised”. This one is no exception.

Much of what Biden said in his State of the Union address, was what they knew the people wanted to hear but had no basis in truth. Some of what he said was exactly what Trump said, ie: support and fund the police, protect the border, lower prescription costs, all Trump’s lines. Then he brings in his socialist Green New Deal and the ponsi scheme of the climate change agenda. He brings up the “infrastructure bill” which sounds good on the surface, which everything they do sounds good on the surface, but all the pork put into that bill left very little actual money going to the actual infrastructure. A tiny portion of the allocated funds would have actually gone for building roads, repairing bridges, roads, water facilities. Once the money reached the perspective government entities, how much of that would be siphoned off for pockets, and “planning”? You wouldn’t see one thing done.

Biden bragged about the huge, largest ever ( Trump tone there) increase in jobs. NO, it was NOT an increase in jobs, it was all the jobs that were lost are now coming back on line. Those were jobs stolen by this administration in the first place. They were NOT created jobs. To create something means it was not there before and now it has been manufactured and now is there. That was not the case with those jobs he is bragging about. Those jobs were once there, feeding families, until his murderous crew stole them.

A couple of brave Senators were yelling out the truth during Biden’s mention of brave soldiers who were killed in battle in Iraq. They yelled out “and 13 in Afghanistan”. Those brave soldiers lost their lives in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which left 13 American soldiers dead from fighting during the evacuation. America leaving Afghanistan in the hands of "a group of eighth century radical Islam as barbarians didn't sit well with Americans. It showed the world how weak he is as a leader and how weak our military was for leaving a man/men behind. This emboldened our enemies and we will see more of our enemies embolden during his administration. North Korea is having more and more nuclear missile tests because there is not a strong leader in our country anymore. While Trump was in office, our enemies behaved themselves but not any longer. You can say what you want about Trump, like him or hate him, our enemies respected his strength. Our nation was thriving, we were energy efficient. There was a lot I didn’t like about Trump, but you have to give him dues when deserved.

With Biden’s weakness, we will see China take advantage of it with the South China sea and Taiwan. After all, with his bringing "transgenderism and diversity, equity and inclusion to the Defense Department. just reeks of strength to our enemies. Men dressed as women, just brings fear to the hearts of our adversaries!

“Inflation rates. peak, energy costs, stagnation, regulations and the erasure of wage gains were all things that Biden barely noted in his speech, but which to Ben Shapiro and millions of other Americans are huge problems. So, too, were the closures of small businesses during the pandemic under the idea of curbing the spread of Covid. A national debt of over $30 trillion, Shapiro said, could not be blamed solely on "supply chain problems." So, unlike what Biden tried to make the country think our nation is strong and doing well, we are far from that.”

Crime is up, and in California, it’s legal to loot a store and walk out with arms full of merchandise which eventually runs a business out of the area. Antifa and BLM were given carte blanche. People are so stressed out from 2 yrs. of pandemic mismanagement and jobs lost that they are killing their families then themselves. Youth were killing themselves more than the virus was. So, you see, crime is much worse under the Obiden administration. His DHS actually labeled anyone who spoke from a different point of view on the virus and it’s management, as “terrorists”. They even went so far as to not only cancel them, but delicense them as well. Doctors, lawyers who spent years studying, tens of thousands of dollars to get their licenses, were not only canceled but their reputations destroyed, and their licenses taken away so they can no longer practice their craft. All this because they didn’t want the truth out. Not only were professionals villainized, but the Department of Justice is now determined to go after parents who speak up at school board meetings to protest critical theory indoctrination as well as Covid restrictions. Is our country still free with free speech protection under Biden/Obama’s administration? NO. He made no mention of his negative work, but of course he wouldn’t.

As Ben Shapiro said, "And of course, Joe Biden is a liar. He doesn't lie as well as he used to. He's no longer capable of speaking smoothly or coherently. But if a man spends a lifetime lying, he's not gonna start telling the truth when he enters his eighth decade. Tonight, Joe Biden lied, and lied, and lied again to you,"

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