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NBC says voter ID laws 'disproportionately impact' trans people

( Post Millennial )

In a recent segment on NBC News, a reporter claimed that trans people are being disproportionally affected by voter ID laws across the country.

Jo Yurcaba, a reporter with NBC Out, made the claim with regards to a growing number of states enforcing stricter voter identification laws.

In the report, Yurcaba argues that because trans people may have IDs that don't reflect their chosen name and gender, they may not be able to vote in some states without reverting back to their official name and gender.

"So, voter ID laws disproportionately impact trans people, because trans people are more likely to have IDs without the name that they go by and the gender marker that reflects how they present," said Yurcaba.

"And recent research shows that just over 200,000 eligible trans voters in 31 states that both conduct their elections mostly in person and require or request ID at the polls don’t have IDs that reflect their gender identities and the names they of by," Yurcaba added. "And, you know, the states that have the strictest voter ID laws are mostly concentrated in the South and Midwest."

There are presently 35 states that require voters to show some form of ID in order to vote. Eight of these states have strict photo ID laws, allowing only for government-issued photo IDs. In the remaining 15 states, it is possible to simply sign a form declaring that they are who they claim to be, without any need to show identification, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Proponents of voter IDs say that they are a necessary step in order to prevent fraud and protect election integrity.

Polls have consistently shown that the majority of American voters are in favor of voter IDs, including the majority of Democrats. Despite this, the Biden administration has continued to look for ways to restrict voter IDs at a federal level, including the failed HR 1 bill that the Democrats tried to push through last year.

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