New Emails from Biden’s Brother Show Barack Obama Was In On It

( Gateway Pundit )

Breaking:  New emails from Steve Bannon’s War Room show that President Barack Obama was brought into the Biden schemes per an email from Biden’s brother. 

James Biden sends an email to (Robert) Hunter Biden:

You need to call me now.  Just got off the phone with your father.  He is meeting with the O!!  Some outrageous acquisitions!!  We have the two biggest days of our business life in front of us!!!!

What deals was James Biden talking about?

James Biden writes to #HunterBiden about @JoeBiden meeting with “the O” about “outrageous acquisitions” and “the two biggest days of our business life” in an e-mail from October 1, 2017. We know who “The Big Guy” is… Who is “the O”? Any idea @BarackObama?#LaptopFromHell pic.twitter.com/zrE2sLNbr2 — Steve Bannon’s War Room (@WarRoomPandemic) October 22, 2020