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NYC subway station shooting leaves multiple wounded, 'undetonated devices' found

( Fox )

The New York Police Department confirmed that a shooting took place at a Brooklyn subway station Tuesday morning during peak commuting hours for employees headed into Manhattan.

An NYPD spokeswoman confirmed to Fox News Digital that a shooting took place at the 36th St. station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, but she did not immediately have information on how many people were wounded and whether a suspect had been taken into custody.

FDNY told Fox News that firefighters responded to a call for smoke in D N R lines train station. Upon arrival, units discover multiple people shot and several undetonated devices at same location. It continues to be an active scene.

A graphic photo circulated Twitter Tuesday morning showing several people lying on the blood soaked floor of the station. One man applied pressure to what appeared to be another man’s leg wound. A red item of clothing was tied around the wound to slow bleeding. A puddle of blood was seen next to a second man grasping his cell phone, as back backs and purses were strewn across the platform.

The department’s NYPD News Twitter account warned the public to avoid the 36th St. and 4th Avenue area in Brooklyn due to an investigation and said emergency vehicles and delays should be expected.

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