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Obese woman claims thin people aren't allowed to speak when a fat person is talking

( Post Millennial )

Libs of Tik Tok posted a clip of an obese YouTuber instructing thin people that they are not allowed to speak if a fat person is talking, because of intersectionality and marginalization.

"Hi everyone, this is just a friendly reminder that if a fat person is talking about their own experience with fat phobia," the overweight user says in a deliberately nasalized affect. " It's not an invitation for thin people to insert themselves in a conversation that's not about that."

"When a marginalized person, yes because fat people are marginalized, if you don't understand that then look at intersectionality and the different intersections because body size is one of them," the woman said, adding, "No offense, but this isn't f*cking about you. And if you think it is, that's your own f*cking projection, go to therapy and let fat and marginalized people talk."

Reponses poured in on Twitter.

AJ Steel said, "I always though fat people were jolly. What happened?" Many called out her "intersectionality" logic.

Gotta love it when the narrative sinks itself. "I'm marginalized, so now I can marginalize you and you can't complain because you're not marginalized like me even though I'm presently marginalizing you because you aren't marginalized therefore you can't be marginalized." Clowns.
'I'm marginalized because the intersectional training book says so. And that means you have to treat me specially." Is there a worse ideology in circulation than one that tells people they are victims based on their appearance and conditions stemming from their own bad choices?

The phenomenon of "Fat Acceptance" and how it has become one of the top "woke" arguments along intersectional lines. Intersectionality, like critical race theory, purports that Western culture is built on hierarchies of oppression. Based on a person's characteristics they could declare admission into an identity group they claim is marginalized or oppressed. A person's value is then determined by how many of these identities intersect with one another.

Amber Watkins wrote, "Every time I turn around there’s a new group of “marginalized” people. I’m over it. When will people start taking responsibility for themselves? And my kids wonder why I’d rather stay home, sit on my porch and read than socialize with the human race."

Fat activists have said diet and exercise is "conversion therapy" for fat people and falsely claimed that a human being can be healthy no matter how fat they are.

Obesity is caused by consuming more calories than a human being burns off. Regular exercise and a healthy diet with appropriate caloric intake wards off a variety of negative health effects, with obesity high on the list. While other factors, all of which are marginal, contribute to someone being overweight, a sedentary lifestyle combined with hefty calorie consumption is the answer to obesity's riddle.

Some users posted on how they were overweight but took control of their lives and lost the pounds.

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