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Official Report Shows 67% of Recent COVID Deaths in San Diego are Fully Vaccinated and Boosted

( Gateway Pundit )

Official data for San Diego County reveals that in the last three months, 67% of COVID-19 deaths occurred in people who were fully vaccinated and boosted.

The vaccination rate in San Diego County is quite high, with almost 3 million residents (or 89.9%) aged 6 months and up having received at least one dose of vaccine, as reported by KUSI News.

Almost 2.66 million people (79.4%) were fully vaccinated. Of the 2,435,363 residents, 1,424,581 (58.5%) received a booster shot.

According to the latest data from Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA), 67% of the 88 deaths in San Diego in the last three months were among those who were fully vaccinated and boosted. And 33% of those were not fully vaccinated, including those with one shot and zero shots.

There is not a separate data category for those who have not received any COVID-19 shots.

According to the data, not fully vaccinated includes individuals with one dose, no doses, or unknown vaccination status.

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