On Day 67, Joe Biden Wanted to See Your Vaccine Papers.

( National Pulse )

Vaccine “Passports”—Coming Soon.

Urged on by U.S. airlines and travel industry groups, the Biden White House is weighing a plan to follow in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s footsteps and roll out a “vaccine passport,” a credential to prove that an individual has been vaccinated or does not have COVID-19.

While allowing those who have been vaccinated to traverse more easily and engage in more activities, passports are also expected to put pressure on those who are resisting vaccination. “There is also some focus-group evidence that vaccine passports could help convince Americans who do not want to get inoculated to sign up for a shot,” New York Magazine reports.

Israel, with the highest vaccination rate in the world, launched a passport program in February. At that time, the Wall Street Journal highlighted some of the many potential ethical “pitfalls” of such a scheme, including discrimination against those last in line or those who do not want to receive a vaccine.

U.S. government efforts to develop a credential are housed the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), with coronavirus czar Jeff Zients coordinating efforts across agencies.

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