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Ontario 4-year-old found dead after father's apparent murder suicide in revenge against mother

( Post Millennial )

A new report has found that the tragic death of a 4-year-old Ontario girl could have been the result of a murder-suicide operation orchestrated by her father to get back at her mother after she divorced him.

Keira Kagan's body was discovered at the bottom of a 100 foot cliff in a "difficult to access" section of Milton's Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area next to her also deceased father, Robin Brown, in February 2020.

The report, compiled by the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee, found that Keira's death "may have been retribution on the part of the father against the mother for terminating the relationship." According to CTV News, Brown and his ex-wife, Jennifer Kagan, had been separated for four years at the time of the incident, and had undergone a lengthy family court battle.

Just days prior to Keira's death, Kagan urgently appealed to a judge asking that a court order be issued preventing Brown from spending time with his daughter unless under direct supervision.

The judge "signaled a potential reduction in father's parenting time," however before he could make his decision, it had to be cleared with the Children's Aid Society. In the interim, Keira was allowed to visit her father on the weekend of February 7. The pair were found dead on February 9.

According to the report, Brown had a long history of unacceptable behaviour and had allegedly abused and confined former partners. Brown was also found to have been "facing other stressors," including a failing engineering business.

Kagan, who told CTV News she had been sure Brown had killed their daughter from the moment she first found out, slammed the court system for allowing the events to unfold in the way they did, and called for change.

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