Open borders activists storm Seattle ICE building

( NOQ Report )

The outrage over ICE deportations and CBP detainment of illegal aliens has brought many new open borders activists to the forefront as efforts to protest U.S. immigration practices continue to escalate. One group took their protests to the point of storming the building where ICE hearings take place in Seattle, making it all the way to the 29th floor before realizing everyone had already gone home for the evening.

Law enforcement agents demanded the group leave or face federal charges. The group, made up of many progressive Jewish activists organized under the moniker “Never Again is Now,” dispersed without incident.

As Quillette’s Andy Ngo pointed out, they were echoing much of the same open borders and anti-law-enforcement rhetoric espoused by a rising number of radical progressives, including the Tacoma firebomber and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This is the politics of the left manifesting as activism and protests. As radicals grow more violent in their pursuit of open borders, Democratic leaders become bolder in their anti-sovereignty policy proposals. We must keep fighting.

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