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OR school district admin reluctant to return to in-person learning until 'equity' agenda implemented

As schools across the United States weighed whether or not to return to in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, some were more enthusiastic about the idea than others.

A school administrator in Beaverton, Oregon, for example, suggested that students in the district he represents should be kept at home until an "equity" agenda could be properly implemented.

According to FOX News, Beaverton School District equity and inclusion administrator Pat McCreery expressed his concerns in an email to education leaders.

"I'm feeling concerned about our district making efforts to re-open schools in a way that feels like a big hurry to get back to what we knew and were comfortable with prior to COVID," McCreery wrote in the January 2021 email. He went on to lament that the district was not waiting to implement "the re-visioning and transformation of the structures and practices that we know inhibit equity."

McCreery said he was "worried" that the school district would "miss an opportunity to enact change during this (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime moment," referring to the COVID-19 pandemic.

His comments came shortly after Oregon governor Kate Brown stated that, "Moving forward, the decision to resume in-person instruction must be made locally, district by district, school by school."

Beaverton School District is no stranger to implementing practices focused on "equity."

As FOX News reports, the district said in their antiracist vision statement that they "commit to eliminating the structures, policies and practices that perpetuate inequities in our schools and in our community."

A teacher at a Beaverton middle school was caught last year slamming the American dream, and discussing plans to turn students into radical activists.

She made her comments during an online event called "Race Talks: United to Break the Chains of Racism," about how to go "Back to school During COVID-19."

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