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Poll: Plurality Blame Rising Gas Prices on Biden’s Economic Policies

( Breitbart )

A plurality of Americans blame rising gas prices on President Biden’s economic policies, despite his attempts to deflect and blame others, a Quinnipiac University survey released this week found.

“Which of the following do you think is the most responsible for the recent rise in gas prices: oil companies charging more; the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia; the Biden administration’s economic policies; or the rise in demand as the coronavirus pandemic eases?” the survey asked.

While Biden has cast blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin and oil and gas companies, Americans are not blindly buying his excuses.

A plurality, 41 percent, directly blame the Biden administration’s economic policies, compared to 24 percent who attribute it to the War in Ukraine/Russia sanctions, and 24 percent who believe it is because oil companies are charging more. Just five percent believe the rise in prices due to a rise in demand as the Chinese coronavirus pandemic eases.

Opinions differ sharply along party lines, as 82 percent of Republicans say rising gas prices are due to Biden’s failed policies. Just three percent of Democrats, however, believe that is the case, blaming the rise in prices on the war in Ukraine (41 percent) and oil companies (41 percent). While independents remain more split, a plurality, 39 percent, say the rising prices are due to Biden’s policies, followed by Ukraine/Russia (25 percent) and oil companies charging more (23 percent).

Notably, over one-third of Americans say they have had to cut back on spending on groceries to pay for gas.

The survey, taken March 24-28, 2022, among 1,462 U.S. adults, has a +/- 2.6 percentage margin of error.

It coincides with a recent Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey, which found 58.6 percent indicating that Biden should step down for mishandling U.S. energy production if gas prices rise to $8 per gallon.

Meanwhile, President Biden is continuing to attribute surging gas prices and inflation to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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