Popular Kids YouTube Channel Teaches 3-Year-Old Kids How to “Transition” Their Gender

( Reformation Charlotte )

The homosexual and transgender mafia wants your children. A popular children’s YouTube channel ‘Queer Kids Stuff’ is grooming young children as young as three years old by teaching them about gender transitioning.

Today we are talking about the fourth letter, ‘T’. ‘T’ stands for ‘trans’ or ‘transgender.’

The cross-dresser on the show teaches a character which is depicted as a young child ‘Teddy’ that doctors sometimes assign the ‘wrong gender’ at birth — as though doctors look at the child and just give it some form of arbitrary assignment that can be changed at will.

No, nitwits. That isn’t how it works.

There’s something weird about how doctors assign gender at birth. That’s because there aren’t only boys and girls. And because not all people identify with their assigned gender.

“Oh, so the doctors are wrong sometimes?” the young character asks? And with a serious smile and a straight face, the seriously deluded woman answers, “Yes, Teddy. Sometimes doctors don’t assign the right genders.”