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Radical environmentalists glue themselves to Vermeer masterpiece

( Post Millennial )

On Thursday, yet another duo of radical environmentalists perpetrated an attention-seeking stunt by attempting to deface a priceless work of art.

This time, the painting targeted was Johannes Vermeer's 1665 masterpiece, "Girl with a Pearl Earring," housed at the Mauritshuis in The Hague.

Video shows two activists wearing "just stop oil" t-shirts making their way over to the painting, at which point one of them pulls out a tube of adhesive. While he tries to glue his head to the piece, the other activist pours what appears to be tomato soup over him while gluing himself to the wall next to the painting.

At that point, other museum-goers begin taking notice, and vocally express their displeasure.

"How do you feel when you see something beautiful and priceless being apparently destroyed before your eyes," the activist glued to the wall says once he realizes he has people's attention. "Do you feel outraged?"

"Good!" he continued, noting the chaos he'd caused. "Where is that feeling when you see the planet being destroyed?"

"Shame on you!" one person shouts. "Obscene!" another adds.

When the activist assures people that the painting is protected by glass and will be "just fine" he is told to "shut up."

"That's f*cked up," someone tells him, as others call for them to end the stunt.

He continues ranting about climate change while museum staff stand by, unsure how to proceed.

According to Reuters, the two activists were eventually removed from the museum and arrested, alongside one other person, for damage to public property. All three men were in their 40s and hailed from Belgium.

The museum confirmed that the painting had been inspected and was not damaged in the attack, and announced via Twitter on Friday that it had been put back on display.

"The Girl is back in the museum!" they wrote, noting that it was, "To be admired (not to be touched)."

Thursday's incident is just the latest in a string of similar stunts perpetrated by radical environmentalists. Earlier this month, activists defiled Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" with tomato soup and glued themselves to the wall.

As with Vermeer's masterpiece, Van Gogh's also made it out unscathed thanks to its protective glass.

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