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San Diego illegal immigrant shelter forced to shut down after running out of funds due to increased demand

A San Diego shelter housing illegal immigrants announced on Thursday that it will be closing its doors after running out of funds due to the high influx of "asylum seekers" invading the country through the US-Southern border.

This as illegal immigrant crossings have increased exponentially in Jacumba, California over the past month after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott enacted strict border security measures in Texas.

El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells told Fox News that more than 100,000 illegal immigrants entered across the San Diego border within the past few months. Wells said that the closure of the facility could pose a "serious problem" for his community. CBP data shows that the number of illegal aliens entering the US through San Diego since the start of fiscal year 2024 is approximately 140,000.


"A lot of those have been absorbed by this county shelter that used taxpayer money. They asked for $3 million and they spent over $6 million and now they say they’re out of money. So we’re going to see migrants congregating in our streets," said Wells.

"I think it’s going to become a pretty serious problem pretty quickly," he added.

The center, which states it can process up to 800 migrants each day, has been picking up migrants at county Border Patrol stations, transporting them back to the center, and offering assistance to get them ready for their next journey.

"The Border Patrol tells us we’re going to go from about 300 drop-offs a day to maybe a thousand drop-offs a day," said Wells.

The mayor suggested that the issue could start impacting other communities as illegal immigrants attempt to find other lodging services, such as hotels, which Wells said could become quickly overrun.

"They spent up to $8,000 per person per month to put somebody up in a hotel, and they seem to have no problem spending that kind of money. It ruins the neighborhoods, it destroys the hotels, it destroys our security infrastructure. And it’s really bad for everybody," said Wells.

The number of "special interest aliens" invading through the San Diego border has also increased, with thousands documented among the many who have entered, specifically Chinese nationals.

A CBP source told Fox News that since October 2023, which marked the beginning of fiscal year 2024, there have been over 20,000 encounters with illegal immigrants from China. In the entirety of fiscal year 2021, which ran from October 2020 to September 2021, there were just 450 of these encounters, representing a 4,000 percent spike in encounters with Chinese illegal immigrants.

Earlier in the year, it was revealed that the Biden administration had reduced the vetting process for illegal immigrants from China.

An April 2023 email to around 500 Border Patrol agents instructed the agents to reduce the number of interview questions for Chinese illegal immigrants who are apprehended.

Mayor Wells told Fox News that he considers this to be a concern.

"I think that’s a real serious concern. China is not neutral with us. They’re somewhat of an enemy, at least in a Cold War at this point. And it makes me nervous to see enemies of our nation congregating right in our city," said Wells.

It was recently revealed by US Customs and Border Protection data that 7.3 million illegal immigrants have entered under the Biden administration.

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