STUNNING: Leading Democrats Including Hillary Clinton Caught Wearing ‘Nazi Pins’ on Their Jackets

( Gateway Pundit )

USA Today wrote a BS article on how President Trump is selling Nazi T-Shirts at his campaign store.

The far left “fact checkers” at USA Today ruled the America First Eagle on the Trump T-Shirt is in fact a Nazi Symbol.

But then their fake news fell apart.

Matt Whitlock pointed out that Speaker Nancy Pelosi uses the same image on her website.

Let’s compare. pic.twitter.com/XlHETdxSFE — The GOP Problem (@xnilxnil) July 12, 2020

And now several photos have surfaced of top Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, wearing the ‘Nazi pin.’

Nan Hayworth pointed out that several leading Democrats are wearing this vile Nazi pin out in public!

Hey, @USATODAY, now do the symbolism of the imagery in the pin worn by these four women, all proud Democrats: https://t.co/Kib2Kh902N pic.twitter.com/yRHZaUMllr — Nan Hayworth, M.D. (@NanHayworth) July 12, 2020

For the record… The eagle on a globe pins have been around for ages and were designed by DC jeweler Ann Hand, but were never linked to the Nazis.

It’s only when Trump has an eagle and globe that the fake news media links it to the Nazis!