by Linda Kirby/WGON 2.20.21

today on I-20 in LA

Much of this country’s food and goods are transported by tractor trailer trucks. These drivers have become unsung heroes in this storm of the century. I don’t think many news agencies have reported on the truckers who are stuck on the interstates for days due to this ice storm. Many are unable to be reached by those who are trying to give them food and water because the line of stuck rigs are miles long. These poor truckers are in those rigs without needed supplies and medicines. Some are diabetic and can’t get their meds or regular meals which is so important in controlling diabetes.

If a trucker is near a truck stop, they try to get in but it’s already crowded and the ice has covered the pavement making it hard if not impossible to get in. The drivers, if they can get into the truck stop, try to exist on what ever the truck stop has left on the shelves to eat. Many truckers are there trying to conserve their fuel with intermittent idle to warm up but without fuel they can’t move or stay warm. So, they use their fuel wisely. The truck stops can’t refuel them because there is no power to pump the fuel.

Those on the roads know if they stop, they will get stuck there until a wrecker can come or until conditions change but on the interstate, there’s no way they can move with the miles long line of stuck trucks.

Just like other places, food, fuel and water are scarce, making a disastrous situation even worse. Some truckers describing the situation as a survival game because they might have to extend their stay at a spot that might not have those resources.

But the biggest issue is being stuck and having to wait out days for conditions to change. Those days turning into potential lost revenue because other jobs can’t be picked up until the first job is finished. The products they are trying to deliver will not reach their destination timely, thus causing shortages. Perhaps some product spoilage may occur.

These trucks have added problems in this kind of weather. They are easy to “fish tail” thus lose control and a huge crash will be the result. Some have slid over bridges to their doom, some have been involved in the 100 vehicle accidents that has happened since this storm started. These drivers are experiencing much worse effects from this storm than most.

Please keep them in your prayers.

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