What does the raid on Trump's home mean for America?

by: Linda Kirby/WGON opinion

Last night, Trump says his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida 'under siege' by FBI agents

If the “justice” department can order this raid on President Trump’s home, then there are no homes that are safe. Just like other banana republics, no one is safe from the dictators.

The New York Post reported this morning that the judge who signed this search warrant to raid Trump’s home, was the lawyer who represented some of Jeffery Epstein’s employees. Sounds like this judge was compromised enough for Garland to make him do this. This judge is a democrat supporter and donated to Obama and Bush, so maybe he didn’t need to be “made” to do it.

Garland does this to our President, yet allows Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s corruption and crimes go uninvestigated or even acknowledged. Kevin McCarthy Announces Merrick Garland Under Investigation, reports Breitbart news. “Republicans, should they take back the House during the 2022 congressional midterms, will gain the ability to launch subpoenas into the raid against the former president. The House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight and Reform Committee can focus on the events and decision-making process that led to the search warrant against Trump.

The House Judiciary Republicans wrote, “This is what happens in third world countries. Not the United States.” The report continued.

If the GOP takes the house and senate in the coming elections, and if they are truly the good guys, they should investigate everyone and everything that was done these last 6 yrs. to this country. They should fire everyone and start over. Yet, all we will get is a lot of noise and no action, mark my words. Money talks and no one will walk!

Now, the democrats have passed a law enlarging the IRS for what reason? Is it really to track down unpaid taxes? Or, with the revelation that IRS Has 4,500 Guns, 5 Million Rounds Ammunition could it be they will be used on the people? Are they the new gestapo?

They said that they didn’t feel Trump was securing the classified documents he legally held at his home. They were in a room that the government felt wasn’t secured enough. So, THIS is the reason to not only raid his home but take items from it and to break open his safe all while he was away? This is not only un-american, but has to have some form of illegality to it. The GOP is now investigating Garland as a result of this raid. Why would the GOP care, after all, they are all corrupt to some degree. Well, because they know if this can happen to a President, this can happen to them. So, nip this in the bud now while they can.

We should all know that same thing. If a President has no rights, we have no rights. When will the left figure this out? Do they really think that because they are for this type of banana republic storm trooping that they will be safe? NO, they won’t be safe. They too will have this done to them and believe me, they have a lot more to hide than Trump does.

You may think you are safe because we have the constitution to protect us but you forget they passed the Patriot Act and is actively using it on us, not the terrorists for whom it was supposedly created. They have placed parents on a list of “terrorists” because they went to the school board to object to CRT. Now, they are terrorists. Some have even been prosecuted.

I jumped off the Trump train when he started pushing the “vaccine”. However, this event is a wake up call for us all. Whether you hate or love Trump, this should send chills down your spine. This should show you this country is in serious trouble. The left doesn’t realize they have created a monster with this act. They have made Trump the hero, made people who wasn’t supporting Trump, into a Trump supporter, they have almost single-handedly, made sure Trump will get reelected.

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