€1,000 Fine for Taking a Train While Unvaccinated and Untested in Italy

( Breitbart )

Italians travelling on public transport without a vaccine passport could face fines of up to a thousand euros under new Chinese coronavirus restrictions.

The introduction of the fine was included in a decree which states that all Italians using public transport must hold valid a valid ‘Green Pass’, which requires either full vaccination, proof of recovery from the coronavirus, or proof of a recent negative test.

Those caught using buses or trains without the Green Pass may be subject to a fine between €600 (£511/$679) to €1000 (£851/$1,133), with police set to carry out random spot checks, newspaper Il Giornale reports.

According to the newspaper, the checks will not be performed prior to boarding public transit, with checks to be carried out at random during travel.

Interior Minister Lucia Lamorgese stated that there will be “tighter controls on green certification with particular attention paid to the areas and time slots with the greatest influx of people.”

Last week, Minister Lamogese also announced the creation of the Super Green Pass as a new measure to attempt to combat the rise in coronavirus cases in Italy in recent weeks.

The updated version will only allow those who are full vaccinated or have proof of recovery to qualify, excluding those who could provide a negative test result.

Those who are not eligible for the Super Green Pass will be restricted from various activities such as indoor dining, sports, and other activities, even if the regions are deemed to be low-risk under the Italian colour-coded coronavirus system.

However, if a region becomes the most severe colour, red, all people, regardless of vaccination status will be placed under strict lockdown measures.

Italy is not the only country to require a health pass in order to use public transit. In Germany, the government has also begun restricting access for transport to those with valid vaccine passports.

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