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13-year-old Palestinian Terrorist Opens Fire on Israelis in Jerusalem

( Breitbart )

Two Israelis, a father and son, were shot and seriously wounded near the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday morning by a 13-year-old Arab terrorist.

The younger victim, an off-duty soldier from the Paratroopers Brigade, succeeded in shooting the terrorist, identified as Mohammed Aliyat from Silwan in eastern Jerusalem.

The hero Muhammad Aliwat , 13-year-old , carried out the Silwan Operation attack, which resulted in two settlers being injured , one of them seriously. He found in his notebook written: “Oh God, either victory or martyrdom; forgive me, Mama, you will be proud of me.”🔥 #Operation_Quds — Mazoon (@newsmazoon) January 28, 2023

Another member of the group was also caught on surveillance video shooting the teenager, who had appeared from his hiding place behind some parked cars before opening fire.

The two victims were evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital where they treated for gun wounds to their chest and stomach, respectively. They were described as being in serious but stable condition.

The shooting attack came hours after another the previous night, in which a Palestinian terrorist killed seven people, including children, as they were leaving Friday night prayers at a synagogue in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Neve Yaakov. It was the deadliest Palestinian terror attack on Israelis since 2008.

Documentation of this morning's shooting attack in the City of David in Jerusalem. — or keren (@Wq0oQJmUSfZunt5) January 28, 2023

The attacks follow Thursday’s IDF raid in the West Bank city of Jenin in which nine people, most of whom were terrorists, were killed.

The terrorists were planning a large-scale bombing attack against Israel. Gaza-based terror groups later launched a barrage of rockets into Israel. The Palestinian Authority announced it would be cutting security cooperation with Israel as a result of the raid.

The Palestinian Authority issued a statement on Saturday saying it holds Israel “fully responsible for the dangerous escalation” in violence, while failing to mention the two terror attacks. It also referred to the Palestinian terrorists as “martyrs.”

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