My take on 10 minutes of Obama's State of the Union Address


I can not make commentary on every point I wanted to because this would be a book rather than an article!! I had time for only the first 10 minutes, plus, I couldn't stand any more than that!

1) "CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM": I find it strange he didn't go into that further. However, if he's talking about his long time desire to get rid of our police force and replace it with a national one, aka UN solders, then he should have said so.

2) DRUG ABUSE: He and his government are the biggest trafficers of drugs there are. The war in AFghanistan is all about drugs. Keeping their poppy fields protected. The "war on drugs" was just a farce. There never was a war on drugs. Do your research, you'll find what I'm saying is correct.

3) "FIXING A BROKEN IMMIGRATION SYSTEM": He said he'll be working on that. Well, the system wasn't broken until he opened our borders and let in every unseemly person come in that wanted in. If his idea of "fixing" a system is to do away with any system then we are in trouble. So, I take it from that short statement that we might become another Germany, Europe and we will see the same results as Germany and other European nations, rapes, robberies, filth in the streets, ecomonic disaster, Shariah law, Christian persecution, etc.

4) HE LISTS WHAT HE WANTS TO FOCUS ON, THE WAY WE LIVE, OUR PLANET, OUR PLACE IN THE WORLD, ETC.: I'd be willing to bet you that none of the people hearing that heard what I heard. Those are the very things that has torn down this country from a constitutional, law abiding country to a totalitarian country. "The way we live"....sorta reminds me of what he said when he became president, "He wants to transform this country"....OHHHH, he's transformed it ok!! Right into the toilet!! I could write a whole article on that alone! He talks about how the American family is strained financially, or job wise....well, when you put stupid things like the TPP or NAFTA ( NAFTA is not his cross to bare ) into action, of course the jobs will be gone and the American families will suffer. But, he takes no responsibility for anything he did to ruin that part of American lives...as usual.

5) He speaks of change, just as he did at the start of his reign, ooops, I mean Presidency. Look back at the change that's taken place from then to now. There sure has been change and it's all disasterous change! He continues to talk of change in the future like he will be incharge of that change...perhaps as UN chief? He's speaking of change for the world also, so UN chief would fit that job for change. He seems to be pointing at this change idea toward Trump, to me...like he wants to tear down Trump without saying his name.

6) He speaks of our past change as part of our greatness in the world and says what was true then can be true now. Well, one thing he's not telling all those adoring faces in the audience who are so blind to see a god speaking to them rather than a tyrant! Reminds me of Hitler and his adoring audiences....but I digress....He doesn't say why we aren't great any more. It's because we have weak leadership, we are disrespected and hated around the world. We are no longer considered someone to fear or honor. There are so many factors in why we are not "great" anymore, it would take the whole article to include here.

7) "OUR COMMITTMENT TO RULE OF LAW": The man has broken so many of our laws that I nearly choked on that statement!! So, which law is he committed to? Hummm?

8) "IT'S HOW WE RECOVERED FROM THE WORSE ECONOMIC CRISIS IN GENERATIONS": Ummmm, we've recovered?? What planet is he on? There's no recovery with the largest unemployment in the history of our nation, over 95 million, last I looked. No recovery when people can't afford healthcare now because of his tyranical Obamacare. No recovery when cargo ships are sitting in the North Atlantic with no where to go because no one is importing because no one is buying their products. No recovery when thousands of large stores are having to close due to lack of business. No recovery when more people are on Food Stamps than ever before. Just because we pay for his 4 million dollar vacations does not mean we are in recovery!!

9) "THAT'S HOW WE DELIVERED MORE CARE AND BENEFITS FOR OUR TROOPS COMING HOME AND OUR VETERNS": Oh, my goodness, I nearly fell out of my chair on that one!! We've got veterns who are dying because they can't get medical treatment. We have troups coming home with PTSD and not getting any help for it!! How can they, in the audience, clap so wildly with a standing ovation no less, be so blind? Are they that uninformed? How can he stand up there and lie with a straight face?

10) "THAT'S HOW WE SECURED THE FREEDOM IN EVERY STATE TO MARRY THE PERSON WE LOVE": I need to get a seat belt for this speech cuz I keep falling out of my chair!! Yes, he brags on this accomplishment of sending our nation into the abyss of abomination!! One day, even his knee will bow! And, they stand and clap wildly. Wow, one day they will all see their sin for what it is....filth, abomination, wickedness, Satanic!

11) "BUT SUCH PROGRESS IS NOT INEVIDITABLE, IT'S THE RESULT OF CHOICES WE MAKE, TOGETHER, AND WE FACE SUCH CHOICES RIGHT NOW": Yes, we do face such choices right now. Yes, it was all of our choice to end up living in a country of abominable sin because we did NOTHING to stop it. Now, like he said, it's our choice to live this way or change it to following the Godly way. It's up to each of us. By being silent on this, we accept and approve it. I'm telling the world right now, I do not accept living in a country with such a sinful nature. I'm crying out to each of you to cry it out also, that we must change this nation back to a God fearing nation! But, sadly, I will hear only crickets.

I STOP HERE BECAUSE MY STOMACH CAN'T TOLERATE ANY FURTHER LIES FROM HIM. The video is here for you to watch, if you can stomach it.

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