This video is so vital for everyone to see, especially those who have no clue about what is going on in the world today!! I'm not kidding you and I'm not a "tin foil hat wearer"!! The government penned that term and "conspiracy theorists" to down play the truth we are trying to get to the public. To make the public look down on the truth and think we are all lunatics. It is a form of brain washing that worked well back in the 60s so they kept the lie going. After all, if it "ain't " broke, don't fix it. So, everyone swallowed that lie hook, line, and sinker!! To your peril! There are many government documents to back this video info up. If you can't look at this or research this for yourself, THAT in itself, is proof of this video!! By your lack of interest, lack of initiative, to educate yourself on this problem, proves this video is fact...they are spraying us with litium. If you don't know what litium is, then look it up!! I can tell you, but it's better for you to make the effort to get experience in looking things up for yourself and then, you will believe. Go to Geoengineeringwatch and read all the things that is going on and educate yourself. I know you will say, "well, I can't do anything about it so why should I bother to know about it"? Ok, now, let me get this straight....A gang of men is outside your house wanting in to rape and rob you. You can't get the police on the phone because they cut the wires. So, what will you do? Open the door and let them in? Or will you try to hide or get something to protect yourself and scream and yell? You can do the same thing with these evil government gangs that are trying to rape, rob and kill you with all they are doing to us now. Scream and yell to the news and the Congress, to the public, so everyone can scream and yell at the same time. They get by with this stuff because no one is trying to stop them. Just us few who are sounding the alarm is no concern for them because 99.9 % of the people are sleeping and they can get by with the murder, rape, pillage of the citizens. WAKE UP and sound the alarm!!!

#lithium #humantesting #government #US

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